Michele Amodio

Born and raised in Puglia (Italy), at the age of 18 I left home and headed to college. During my time at university I majored in finance. I took many business courses while I was there, ultimately graduating with a degree in Economics from Bocconi University.
The program allowed me to develop my passion for finance, a subject that I am now fully immersed in. I’m also an avid photographer! Ever since I was a child, I loved to capture glimpses of everyday life and passing moments through photography. Over time my other commitments have occupied more and more of my time and I have not had the opportunity to thoroughly develop this passion.
It was only a few years ago that I decided to get back into photography. After buying a beginner DSLR I started to become more familiar with the digital photography.
I've decided to launch this site in order to satisfy my passions for traveling, astronomy, wildlife, photography and website creation. I finally have the opportunity to explore and immortalize moments through the medium of photography. I hope that my work will be intriguing and inspiring for many. On this website I have developed I will upload pictures of special moments that I have captured during my travels. It is my intent to represent my adventures via photos, of the places I visit, in an attempt to leave you with an appreciation for the locations I have visited and encourage you to plan your own adventures there in the future.

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